Forgetting past bitterness, Modi congratulates Muizzu on Eid

Patrick D Costa

Narendra Modi and Mohammad Muizzu

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished Maldivian President Mohammad Muizzu on Eid, leaving aside the past bitterness of the two countries. The Indian High Commission in Maldives confirmed this information in an interview.

In the message posted on the social media X, it is said on behalf of the Indian Embassy, ​​”On the occasion of the holy Eid-ul-Azha, the Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has extended warm greetings to the Honorable President of Maldives, Mohammad Muizzu.” In the message, he emphasized on sacrifice, compassion and brotherhood, saying these positive aspects are very important to build a peaceful and inclusive world. He also mentioned that this festival is celebrated with due religious solemnity in India as well.

Incidentally, once there was an Indian army base in Maldives. After becoming president in October 2023, the pro-China Muizzu urged India to withdraw its troops from Maldives.

Then, earlier this year, after photos of Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep goes viral, tensions between India and the Maldives began. Netizens from India and Maldives got into a heated argument online. Indian netizens call for domestic tourists to boycott Maldives.

To handle the situation, Muizzu sacked three members of his cabinet for insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Muizzu also congratulated Narendra Modi on his recent victory in the 18th election.

Modi’s recent congratulatory message indicates that both countries are keen to mend relations.

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