Everyone trapped in the cable car in Pakistan was rescued

Taslima Jamal

Everyone trapped in the cable car in Pakistan was rescued

After a continuous 12-hour rescue operation, a total of eight people, including 6 children, who were hanging from the cables of the cable car at a height of 900 feet from the surface in the mountainous area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, were rescued alive.

The Guardian reported that on Tuesday (August 22) after 11:00 PM local time, Pakistani army officers successfully rescued a total of 8 people, including 2 teachers and 6 children, who were trapped in a cable car on their way to school. Later, the country’s home minister confirmed the rescue of all the trapped people and announced the end of the rescue operation.

A helicopter was initially dispatched to the spot for rescue operations. But due to strong winds, the rescue operation by helicopter was stopped. Then the country’s army and cable car experts joined in this work. Thus first 5 children were rescued, then 1 more child was rescued. Finally after 15 long hours 2 teachers were rescued. At this time, a worried crowd gathered at the spot.

This group of 8 members was mainly going to school by cable car. A teacher of the school where the children attend said that the road transport system is not good in that hilly area. So every day around 150 children travel to school by cable car. After the rescue, the children underwent necessary health checks and were handed over to their parents after confirming their well-being.

Incidentally, Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwar ul Haque Kakar said on social media X, eyes were on this incident from the beginning. It’s a relief to see everyone rescued.

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