EC is sitting with various parties to prepare for the elections

Logan D Suza

The EC has decided to hold a discussion meeting on Tuesday.

The Election Commission (EC) is again sitting with the political parties to report the progress of preparations for the National Assembly elections. Two representatives from each of the 44 registered political parties will be invited. BNP and like-minded registered parties will also be invited to this exchange meeting. The meeting will be held in two phases on Saturday (November 4) at the election building.

The EC has decided to hold a discussion meeting on Tuesday. However, there is a difference of opinion among the election commissioners regarding the organization of this meeting. However, this decision is taken based on the opinion of the majority of commissioners. This information is known from EC sources.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission (EC) is going to hold an inter-ministerial meeting today to coordinate various ministries at every stage from announcing the schedule of the upcoming elections to publishing the results. In that meeting, the secretaries of some ministries including foreign affairs, public administration, home affairs, information and broadcasting and heads of various departments have been invited. In this meeting, the appointment of polling officer, deployment of executive magistrate will be discussed on various issues.

After the meeting that morning, the Election Commission headed by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal will meet the Chief Justice in the afternoon. The commission is going to hold this meeting as a formality of the moment before the announcement of the schedule.

According to EC sources, the Election Commission will announce the schedule in the first half of this month. The commission is finalizing the preparation of schedule announcement. Election Commission is organizing these meetings as a part of this.

Sources also said that the election commission will invite the president and general secretary of the registered political parties or two representatives appointed by them to the exchange meeting of the political parties. All registered parties will be called for two rounds of discussion. 22 political parties including Awami League were invited that morning and 22 parties including BNP in the afternoon.

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