Demand for dengue test to be mandatory to go from Bangladesh to India

Syed Azam

The dengue situation is worsening in West Bengal, India.

The dengue situation is worsening in West Bengal, India. Two people have already died due to dengue in that state. The number of dengue patients in various district hospitals of West Bengal including Kolkata is more than hundred.

Meanwhile, the dengue situation in neighboring Bangladesh is also alarming. The movement of Bangladeshi tourists from Bangladesh to India is frequent. This mosquito-borne disease can spread in West Bengal through them. Therefore, Kolkata Corporation Health Department and West Bengal Health Department are going to issue guidelines for Bangladeshi tourists coming to India.

The Kolkata Corporation has written to the West Bengal Health Department. Dengue blood testing center should be opened next to every immigration center.

In order to deal with dengue, the health department of Kolkata Corporation has demanded to make the dengue test mandatory for those coming from Bangladesh to India.

A high-level meeting was held in Calcutta Corporation on Tuesday 25th July to deal with dengue. At the end of the meeting, Kolkata Corporation Mayor Councilor (Health) Atin Ghosh said that Dhaka city is plagued by dengue. A large number of people come to Kolkata every day by air, road, rail from Bangladesh.

Humans are the major carriers of dengue virus. The chief health officials of the municipality may be afraid that some people are bringing the dengue virus from neighboring countries. But not understanding because there are no symptoms.

He also said that to prevent the outbreak of dengue, our request to the state health department should talk to the central government to arrange for blood testing at every immigration point. Only then will it be caught whether someone is entering from Bangladesh with dengue.

Atin Ghosh said that the World Health Organization has already warned that half of the world’s population may be affected by dengue this year.

He also claimed that Bangladesh, which is suffering from dengue, is seeking help from Kolkata. Atin Ghosh claims that the Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation has contacted the Kolkata Municipality about how to deal with dengue. He said, neighboring countries want to know how to control this Aedes aegypti. He also said that the message of the World Health Organization has left the Kolkata Corporation’s health department in a state of worry.

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