China wants to influence votes with AI in Indian elections

Syed Azam

China wants to influence votes with AI in Indian elections

China wants to use artificial intelligence (AI) to influence India’s upcoming national elections. Not only India, South Korea and US elections are also in this plan. In Taiwan’s presidential election held last January, Beijing also tried to use AI to influence the election results. This information has emerged in a recent report of the US IT company Microsoft. News from Indian Times.

Lok Sabha polls will start from April 19. And at the end of this year, the United States will also have elections. But earlier in the report called ‘Same Targets, New Playbooks’, it has been said that China will want to take some advantage by using artificial intelligence in social media in these very important elections.

According to the report, China wants to influence the elections of other countries in various ways to achieve its own interests. In this way, China will continue to experiment in this matter, even if it cannot influence the election results of countries like India or the United States using artificial intelligence.

According to Microsoft, a state is using artificial intelligence to try to influence another state’s election in a way it has not seen before before Taiwan’s election. In such a situation, the organization thinks that China will not stop only by influencing Taiwan’s elections. Their goal is much further. For this they are constantly using better technology.

According to the report, continuous cyber attacks are being launched from China and North Korea from June 2023. These cyber attacks mainly target three areas. These include the South Pacific islands, the South China Sea and US defense technology bases. China will continue cyber surveillance targeting these three areas in the coming days. The country continues to carry out cyber attacks in these areas from time to time.

Late last year, China used artificial intelligence to target India, the Philippines, Hong Kong and the United States in various military exercises to increase its economic and military power.

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