Central Government directives to warn states about Corona in India

Arshad Khan

Corona infection has started increasing again in India, albeit at a slower pace.

Corona infection has started increasing again in India, albeit at a slower pace. The country has reported the first case of sub-variant JN1 infection. After that, the Center was alerted. Seven instructions have been sent to the states.
In addition to asking to be cautious during the upcoming festive season, these guidelines have asked to keep an eye on whether the outbreak of diseases like influenza is on the rise. The states have also been asked to give a report in this regard.

Meanwhile, the corona infection has started increasing in the southern state of Kerala. For this reason, the authorities said that there is nothing to panic even though the people have been asked to be careful. Infections are increasing rapidly in the state. Earlier, JN.1 was detected in several countries including the United States and China.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), all approved vaccines against the coronavirus will also protect against Jn.1. Kerala currently has 1,324 Covid-19 patients. Last Saturday (December 16), at least four deaths due to corona were reported in the state.

However, it is not certain how many of these cases are related to JN.1. Very few samples have their genomes sequenced to identify different types of the virus.

RT-PCR testing of a sample in Kerala earlier this month detected the JN.1 subtype, officials said. The patient was a 79-year-old woman. He had an influenza-like illness and later recovered.

Earlier, a woman had gone to Singapore from Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. His body was also found to be the sub-type of corona virus JN.1. In this situation, the center has issued guidelines and said that keeping in mind the upcoming festival season, the issue of public health should be kept in mind. Steps have been taken to prevent the spread of the infection.

The directive also informed that the guidelines sent by the Union Health Ministry should be followed in the matter of monitoring of Covid-19. Patients who come to the health center with influenza or respiratory problems should be monitored. A district wise report should be given on this. As a result, the initial tendency of the disease will be detected.

Adequate testing arrangements should be made in each district as per the Covid guidelines. Emphasis should be placed on RTPCR and antigen testing. If someone reports positive, the sample should be sent to the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Consortium for genome testing. To quickly identify new subtypes.

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