Car users have higher risk of cancer: study

Patrick D Costa

It’s hard to find people who don’t feel comfortable traveling in a car.

It’s hard to find people who don’t feel comfortable traveling in a car. Traveling by private car is more comfortable than public transport. And because of this, even if it is a little difficult, many people buy a car for themselves.

However, a study has revealed terrible information. It is known that people who travel in cars absorb cancer-causing chemicals unknowingly.

According to the report published in ‘Environment Science and Technology’, research was conducted on 101 electric, gas and hybrid vehicles from 2015 to 2022. The researchers found that 99 percent of the cars contained an ingredient called TCIPP. which is being studied by the US National Toxicology Program as a possible carcinogen.

The study also revealed that two components, TDCIPP and TCEP, were found in most vehicles. Which are known to cause cancer.

In addition, these elements are considered to be harmful to the nervous system and reproduction, according to scientists.

“Considering the amount of time a driver spends in a car, it’s a major threat to public health,” said Duke University toxicology scientist Rebecca Hollen, lead researcher on the study.

He added, “This is especially a concern for children and drivers who travel for long periods of time. Because children breathe more than adults.”

Research has also found that this material is more common in cars during summer. This is because more of this chemical is released from car parts due to increased temperature.

According to researchers, the main source of this cancer-causing material is car seat foam. Car manufacturers add chemicals and other ingredients to the seat foam.

They also found that these ingredients have no benefits. Although car manufacturers mainly use them in seat foam with fire concerns in mind. But these do not play any role in whether or not the fire spreads.

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