Canada and Ontario Increasing Middlesex County’s Access to High-Speed Internet Service

Manjit Sing

Providing reliable internet access is especially important for rural communities to prosper in our increasingly digital world,” said Peter Fragiskatos

To provide dependable high-speed internet to 114 families, farms, and businesses in Middlesex County, the governments of Ontario and Canada are investing more than $278,000.

On behalf of the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure, and Communities, Peter Fragiskatos, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue and Member of Parliament for London North Centre, stated, “Providing reliable internet access is especially important for rural communities to prosper in our increasingly digital world.” With today’s announcement, Middlesex County homes, farms, and businesses can now connect to essential online services and take advantage of additional economic opportunities provided by high-speed internet.

The administrative and commonplace legislatures have collaborated with Southwestern Coordinated Fiber Innovation (Quick) Inc. also, are pleased to declare that occupants locally of Ballymote presently have the broadband foundation set up to empower admittance to fast web access.

Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs Lisa Thompson stated, “Our government continues to deliver on its commitment to expand access to high-speed internet to communities across the province.” By building new broadband foundation in Middlesex Province, we’re assisting with building Ontario and fortify country networks. This venture is assisting individuals with keeping in contact with friends and family, empowering them to get to the backings they need while giving a genuinely necessary lift to the neighborhood economy.”

This declaration denotes the culmination of one more venture under Quick and expands on the Ontario government’s arrangement to get the right foundation perfectly located – guaranteeing individuals can reside, work and homestead where they need.

Monte McNaughton, MPP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, stated, “You should have the confidence you’ll have access to fast, reliable high-speed internet, no matter where you live in southwestern Ontario.” We are getting closer to ensuring that every family and business in our community can stay connected to the things and people that matter most with today’s investment.

The agreement to grow broadband administrations in Middlesex Region was granted by Quick, a not-for-benefit partnership started by nearby districts to address network in Southwestern Ontario.

“The way we learn, work, and connect with one another has been transformed by access to high-speed internet, which opens up a world of possibilities. According to Gary McNamara, the chair of the SWIFT Board, “SWIFT continues to make strong strides in advancing the expansion of broadband infrastructure across Southwestern Ontario, empowering communities, fostering economic growth and innovation,” through collaborative efforts with local partners and support from the government. We look forward to seeing the positive effects it will have on the residents and businesses for years to come. The completion of this significant infrastructure project in Middlesex County is yet another step toward closing the digital divide in Southwestern Ontario.

By the end of 2023, high-speed internet access will be available to more than 63,000 homes and businesses in Southwestern Ontario via SWIFT, with the private sector contributing more than $255 million.

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