Bhutan meeting with China about the border

Syed Azam

Meeting of foreign ministers of China and Bhutan || Photo : XINHUA

India has border disputes with China at several places. Clouds appeared again in the eastern corner. Beijing is meeting with Bhutan to solve the border problem. Incidentally, Dokala near Sikkim shares the border of three countries. India, Bhutan and China.

Bhutan’s meeting with China to resolve border issues does not bode well. Bhutan is India’s friend. Indians do not need a passport to go there. Only with a permit. Bhutan is most dependent on India for livelihood. Bhutan imports the most goods from India.

India has friendly relations with the King of Bhutan. Even so, Delhi is not looking at the meeting with China on Bhutan’s border very easily. Bhutan is keeping a close eye on what will be discussed. Yesterday the Chinese Vice President had a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Bhutan and even the Chinese Foreign Minister had a meeting. They met in two consecutive rounds.

The meeting was held in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Foreign Minister of Bhutan said that the meeting was positive. He said the diplomatic relations between Bhutan and China are very strong. China’s foreign minister said China always respects Bhutan’s sovereignty and independence. China has a 734 square kilometer border area dispute with Bhutan. In 2020 Beijing claimed the Sekting Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan. A little bitterness was created between the two countries over this.

Three countries border at Dokala near Sikkim. Bhutan, India and China share a border in the Sangri La sector of the Himalayas. The Dokala Plateau border area is occupied by China. And the Chinese army tried to infiltrate the border of India using its advantage. Due to this, there was a bloody clash with the Chinese army at the Dokala border.

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