Bangladesh has improved by 5 steps in strong passport index

Taslima Jamal

Bangladeshi Passport

Bangladesh has improved on strong passport index. Bangladesh has progressed five steps in this index. The UK-based consulting firm Hanley and Partners published this new index on Tuesday. According to the index, Bangladesh ranks 96th in terms of strong passports.

The index is based on how many countries a passport holder of a particular country can travel to without a visa. Bangladesh was ranked 101 in the index published on January 10. That is, within the last few months, Bangladesh has improved by five steps in the strong passport index. Bangladeshi passport holders can travel to 40 countries without a visa or with an on-arrival visa.

According to this new index, Singapore has now become the most powerful passport in the world, leaving behind Japan. The country’s passport holders will be allowed visa-free entry to 192 countries out of 227 countries in the world.

The second position in the list is followed by Germany, followed by Italy and Spain. Their citizens will be allowed visa-free travel to 190 countries.

Japan, which topped the list last year, moved to third place this time. Its citizens will be allowed visa-free entry to 189 countries. Earlier, citizens of this country were allowed visa-free entry to 193 countries. Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg, South Korea and Sweden are in third place with Japan.

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