‘Antarjal’ in 150 theaters across Canada-US

Abdur Rahman Khan

Antarjal is releasing on September 22

Bangladesh and Dhallywood movies are now not limited to Bangladesh cinemas. Released worldwide. Hollywood-Bollywood big-budget movies are running in tandem. In its continuation, the film ‘Antarjal’, which is awaiting release, is going to set a record in the international market.

On September 22, the country’s first cyber crime action thriller film is releasing in the country’s halls. The international release of the movie is on the same day. Antarjal is being released in a record number of theaters in the world including America, Canada. In a notification, Antarzal team informed that ‘Antarjal’ will run from September 22 in 150 famous theaters only in Canada and the United States.

This is the record of the largest theatrical release in the history of Bangladeshi cinema in America as claimed by the Antarjal team. The movie is releasing in more theaters in America than Bangladesh.

USA New York, California, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida , Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Delaware, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon in 143 states and 7 theaters in Canada’s Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba Provinces on September 22 confirmed the simultaneous release of the company Swapna Scarecrow in North America.

The movie ‘Antarjal’ is produced by the director Dipankar Dipan of ‘Dhaka Attack’ and ‘Operation Sundarban’ fame. This movie is made in the context of various issues discussed in the modern information technology era, including cyber security, hacking, social media and various complications and risks.

Siam Ahmed, Vidya Sinha Mim, Sunerah Binte Kamal, ABM Suman, Mashroor Inan, Amit Sinha and many others have acted in various roles.

Dipankar Dipan said that the story of the movie Antarjal is completely original and completely new in the context of Bangladesh. Artificial intelligence, cyber world and technology movie ‘Antarjal’ weaves love, friendship and confidence with the lives of smart young people moving forward in technology. Its plot researched and story written by Asha Zahid and Saifullah Riyad. The screenplay is written by the director himself, the dialogues are written by Saifullah Riyad. Inspired by the Government’s ICT Division, the film is produced by Motion People Studios and Spellbound Leo Barnett. The movie is being released in the country by Di Abhi Kathachitra. Dream Scarecrow is performing in Canada and America.

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