Announcement of closure of Afghan embassy in India

Afroza Hossain

The announcement of the closure of the Afghan embassy in India from Sunday

Afghanistan has announced the closure of its embassy in India’s capital, New Delhi. This incident occurred almost two years after the fall of the government formed under the auspices of Western countries. American press agency AFP reported that the embassy has been closed since Sunday.

The three-page statement issued on Saturday night said that the embassy will be closed from October 1. It further stated that, with great regret, the Afghan Embassy in New Delhi has to be closed.

The Afghan Embassy cited several main reasons for the closure of operations in New Delhi-

1. Non-Cooperation of Indian Government: The Afghan Embassy complained that the Indian Government did not get the necessary cooperation in various important works. This allegedly hindered their operations.

2. Failure to serve Afghan interests: The statement noted that the embassy in New Delhi has failed to serve the expected interests and needs of Afghanistan and its citizens. For this, however, the non-cooperation of the Indian government and the absence of a legitimate government in Kabul have been blamed.

3. Staffing crunch: It is reported that the embassy has become difficult to operate due to reduced staffing.

It has been mentioned that after the closure of the operation all the properties and facilities of the embassy will be transferred to the concerned authorities of India as per the principles of the Vienna Convention.

Meanwhile, the Afghan embassy in Delhi will be closed, but the Afghan consulates in Mumbai and Hyderabad will remain open. It may be noted that the consuls of Mumbai and Hyderabad were appointed by the previous government of Ashraf Ghani. But soon after the Taliban came to power, they started working with the current rulers.

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