Airplane with 72 passengers crashed in Nepal due to pilot’s guilty

Arafat Rahman

An aircraft of Yeti Airlines

Pilot error was the likely cause of a plane crash in Nepal last January. Investigators of the accident reported this information yesterday Thursday. According to the investigation report, the pilots of that aircraft most likely pressed the wrong ‘lever’. This disrupts the power generation in the aircraft engine and the propeller stops rotating.

On January 15, the private Yeti Airlines flight was going to Pokhara from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It crashed on the way. 72 passengers of the plane including two children were killed. It was the worst plane crash in Nepal in 30 years.

Engineer Deepak Prasad Bastola, a member of the investigation team, told Reuters news agency that the pilots mistakenly pressed the “condition lever” instead of the “flap lever” of the aircraft. As a result the propeller stops rotating and the aircraft loses speed. The condition lever controls the power output of the engine. At the speed of the aircraft at that time, it remained in the sky for another 49 seconds. Then it crashed.

The investigation report cited lack of tactical and skill-based training, high work pressure, fatigue and non-compliance of aircraft handling standards as reasons for the accident. However, the report said that the aircraft was properly maintained.

Airplane accidents happen frequently in Nepal. Two major reasons for this are remote runways and sudden weather changes. Another plane owned by Yeti Airlines crashed in May itself. 22 passengers of the plane were killed.

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