Air pollution tops Dhaka, second Jakarta

Patrick D Costa

Dhaka’s air quality has been ‘unhealthy’ since Wednesday morning.

Dhaka’s air quality has been ‘unhealthy’ since Wednesday morning. Dhaka was the first in the list of polluted cities with an AQI (Air Quality Index) score of 156 at 8:20 am. At the same time, Indonesia’s Jakarta is ranked second in the list of air-polluted cities with a score of 155.

Chile’s Santiago is in third place with a score of 154. South Africa’s Johannesburg ranks fourth with a score of 150. China’s Beijing is in fifth place with a score of 145.

In addition, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is in sixth place with an AQI score of 122. Pakistan’s Lahore is ranked seventh with a score of 115. Vietnam’s Hanoi is in eighth place with a score of 105. Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur is in ninth place with a score of 97. Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh is in tenth place with a score of 95.

Switzerland-based air quality monitoring technology company IQ Air publishes this list of cities with polluted air. An AQI score based on daily air quality gives people information about how clean or polluted the air in a particular city is, and whether or not they may be at any health risk.

According to the data, an AQI score of zero to 50 is considered good. 51 to 100 is considered moderate. And for sensitive groups, a score of 101 to 150 is considered unhealthy. 151 to 200 is considered unhealthy.

Similarly, an AQI score between 201 and 300 is considered ‘very unhealthy’ and a score between 301 and 400 is considered ‘risky’. Air pollution poses serious health risks. It is harmful to people of all ages. However, air pollution is very harmful for children, sick people, elderly and pregnant women.

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