1200 year old mosque in Maldives

Taslima Jamal

This 1200 year old mosque has retained its tradition and old architectural style.

There is no security guard. No maintenance person was found. All the doors of the mosque are open. But the outside is as clean as the inside. There are no abandoned items. It is the Hukuru Misak or Hukuru Mosque located in Malé, the capital of the Maldives. It is the oldest mosque in this island nation located in the Indian Ocean in 1192.

This 1200 year old mosque has retained its tradition and old architectural style. Prayers are held regularly at this mosque in front of the Male Presidential Palace. This Hukuru Misak is part of Maldivian tradition. Although it is known as Friday Mosque or Friday Mosque, now worshipers pray there 5 times a day.

This one storied mosque was built in 1153. It was built by the then ruler of Maldives, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. It was later modernized in 1658. Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar renovated it. He ruled the Maldives from 1648 to 1687. Built of wood and coral, this mosque is covered with white tin. This shed has three levels. No cement exists in it. This mosque was built by cutting coral from the sea and then placing it.

Altogether hundreds of Muslims can pray together in the mosque. Sometimes only Friday prayers were offered in this mosque. Now there are five daily prayers.

There is a big well in the mosque premises. From there, water is taken for ablution with a steel vessel attached to a long stick. The wooden-handled watering can is arranged on two poles made of rods. Next to this original water source there is a modern toilet. Where there is an azure system leaving the tap. There is a large presence of Bangladeshis in Maldives. So in this adjutant it is written in Bengali as well as in other languages, “Prevent water wastage.” Even if there are two wells, one is useless. You can enter this mosque through three doors. This mosque is 3-4 feet high from the ground.

The inside of the mosque is dark because the area of the mosque is small. So lights should always be kept on. The roof or the shed is supported by wooden poles inside. Now cement poles have been installed. Wall fans installed in the corners. The cemetery is next to the mosque. Muslims who have passed away at various times are lying in eternal sleep there. Hundreds of graves marked with plaques. But none of them have a name. There are like two small rooms. In fact, both of these are graves. One of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar. The other is his family. Of course, the Sultan’s name is written on it.

Like other mosques, inside Hukuru Mosque, Quran Sharif and various religious books are arranged inside it. A huge minaret is located at the main entrance to the outer part of the mosque. Kalima is written there. The minaret will be three stories high. It has three high-mounted microphones. which is to hear the call of worshipers to pray. At the back of the mosque are a few trees including palm trees and a grave. And the white sand square of the mosque is surrounded by a few fragrant jasmine flowering trees. Foreign tourists can visit this mosque.

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