Vancouver Police Officer Ordered to Remove Unauthorized Patch

Patrick D Costa

Vancouver police say an officer has been told to remove from his uniform a patch that showed the Star of David.

A Vancouver police officer has been directed to remove a patch resembling the Israeli flag from his uniform after it was spotted on social media.

The image, posted on February 15th, showed the officer wearing the black patch with a Star of David and white bars. The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) responded on February 16th, clarifying that the patch is “not an approved part of the VPD uniform” and the officer has been instructed to remove it.

This incident follows a previous reminder issued in January 2023 by Deputy Chief Const. Fiona Wilson to all officers regarding unauthorized patches. This reminder came after a complaint about an officer wearing a “thin blue line” patch, which sparked community concerns, particularly among Indigenous advisors who viewed it as divisive.

The VPD maintains a strict policy on uniform regulations, ensuring officers present a professional and unified appearance while upholding public trust.

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