Peel Police Bust Major Auto Theft Ring in “Project Odyssey”

Arafat Rahman

The investigation resulted in the recovery of 369 stolen vehicles valued at an estimated $33.2 million.

Peel Regional Police announced the successful conclusion of Project Odyssey, a seven-month investigation that dismantled a large-scale auto theft operation.

Over $33 Million in Stolen Vehicles Recovered

The investigation resulted in the recovery of 369 stolen vehicles valued at an estimated $33.2 million. Sixteen individuals were arrested, and arrest warrants were issued for an additional ten suspects. A total of 322 charges were laid in connection with the stolen vehicles.

Peel Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah declared Project Odyssey to be the Peel Regional Police’s most significant auto theft investigation to date. He described the operation as “highly orchestrated” and attributed its success to a tip received in October 2023 about a Brampton trucking yard suspected of involvement with stolen vehicles.

Brampton Trucking Company Allegedly Involved

Detective Greg O’Connor revealed that the investigation uncovered a link between a Brampton trucking company and the smuggling of stolen vehicles to the Port of Montreal. The company is alleged to have facilitated the transport of these vehicles by loading them for shipment.

Stolen Vehicles Destined for Export

Investigators discovered that the stolen vehicles were transported through “intermodal hubs” within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) before being shipped along the 401 highway to the Port of Montreal. Evidence suggests the vehicles were intended for export to ports in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Police Identify Network of Perpetrators

The investigation also identified suspects involved in stealing the vehicles and transporting them to the Brampton yard. Some of these thefts are believed to have been violent carjackings.

With the cooperation of the Port Authority and the Canada Border Services Agency, investigators located 37 shipping containers filled with stolen vehicles at the Port of Montreal. Three transport trucks and two Bobcats were also recovered alongside the 114 stolen vehicles found at the port.

Individuals Facing Charges

Police released the names and locations of 26 individuals facing charges, including residents from Brampton, Toronto, Montreal, Mississauga, Bolton, and Scarborough. Several of those charged have a history of auto theft arrests. While all those arrested have been released, they will face their charges in court.

This successful investigation by Peel Regional Police represents a major blow to a large-scale auto theft operation and serves as a deterrent to similar criminal activities in the future.

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