More than 300 million children are victims of online sexual abuse worldwide

Arshad Khan

Every year, 302 million children and minors are victims of online sexual abuse around the world.

Every year, 302 million children and minors are victims of online sexual abuse around the world. As a percentage, the rate of children who are victims of torture is 12.6 percent of the total number of children in the world.

Proportionately, one in eight children and minors around the world are victims of online sexual abuse. This terrible information has been revealed in a joint initiative of the University of Edinburgh and Childlight, a watchdog organization on online sexual abuse of children in the United Kingdom.

These sexual abuses include ensnaring children and minors in various ways and encouraging them to come online for sexual conversations or to share their naked photos and videos. Many abusers keep these videos secretly in their collection and then use them to blackmail children in various ways.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh also reported that 18 million men in the UK are involved in online child abuse. As a percentage, this number is 7 percent of the total male population living in the country. The researchers said it would take an area 20 times bigger than Wembley Stadium in Scotland to gather all the adult British men who have sexually abused children.

The number of men sexually abusing children and minors online is no less in the US-Australia. 14 million men in the United States admit to having sexually abused children in some form online at one or more times in their lives. Proportionally, one in nine adult men in the country is a child abuser or pedophile. 7.5 per cent of all adult men in Australia are pedophilic or sexually abusive.

International child protection researcher and University of Edinburgh professor Debbie Fry told UK’s Sky News in this regard, “We think the actual number of abused children and male abusers is several times higher. Because even in today’s age, many children feel shy to talk about it.

But actually it’s terrible. Because once in the grip of such criminals it is very difficult to get out. And even if a child is able to come out, the memory of the abuse always comes back to haunt them.

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