Free Online Tool Launched to Support Quebec Parents’ Mental Health

Patrick D Costa

The developers believe this program is important for both mothers and fathers.

Toi, Moi, Bébé is a new free web application that Quebec launched to support the mental health of new and soon-to-be parents. This program provides courses, information, and tools to address the issues associated with becoming a parent, such as despair, anxiety, and melancholy.

The program was developed because research shows that many new mothers are dealing with mental health concerns and many of them decide not to seek help. The officials anticipated that between 9,000 and 13,000 Quebec women would develop postpartum depression in 2023, with up to 60% of situations starting during pregnancy.

The program’s creators think that both fathers and mothers should benefit from it. Participating in the program’s development, Dr. Martin St-Andre stated that ”it will assist parents identify coping mechanisms and increase awareness of these problems.”

Postpartum depression survivors, such as Marie-Michele Poirier, think this program is a good start. Talking about these problems is important, according to Poirier, and this program can make parents feel less alone.

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